The access solution that simplifies electrical charge.

Stop multiplying passes!

One pass, several networks.

The Chargemap solution is compatible with a growing number of charging networks in France and in Europe.

No subscriptions.

Only pay for what you consume.

Follow your consumption directly on Chargemap. Receive a clear and detailed invoice of your charges at the end of each month.

Always there for you.

The efficiency of Chargemap customer support at your service.

Keep calm at all circumstances thanks to our electric charge specialists, who will help you with all your charge problems.

Order your Chargemap Pass

Receive your complete Chargemap pack for €19.90, all shipping fees included.

A thought for the EV drivers

One application

One customer account

Preferred charge mobile application of electrical vehicle drivers*

Monitoring your consumption in real time

Support from the largest community of EV drivers in Europe **

Opening to restricted stations

Accurate and detailed history of all your charges

The content of the Chargemap pack

A Chargemap pass

Receive your RFID pass compatible with all types of charge stations from our partners in France and Europe*.

Activation instructions

All instructions to log in and activate your Chargemap Pass account on a convenient form.

The Electric Charge Guide

When you order a Chargemap Pass, you will receive the free Electric Charge Guide, written by our specialists to be simple and easy to follow.

Order your Chargemap Pass

Receive your complete Chargemap pack for €19.90, all shipping fees included.

An extended network

Thanks to Chargemap applications, you can find the location and status of the charge stations, in real time, of the French and European network that is growing every week.

Chargemap is already accepted on 65 charging networks

Alterbase Séolis
Plus de Bornes

See the list of compatible charging networks

How to find compatible charging stations?


How soon will I receive my Chargemap Pass?

Your charging access badge and its welcome pack will be sent to you within 48 hours after your order. Allow an additional 4 days on average for routing by the Post Office.

Are you connected to all charge networks?

Not yet, but we are working on it! Regularly, we connect new charging networks. The more you use the Chargemap Pass, the easier it is for us to connect new networks and negotiate great rates.

Can I order multiple Chargemap Passes for the same account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have multiple Chargemap Passes for the same account. If several people in your household use an electric car, we recommend that you have a Chargemap account and a Chargemap Pass per person.

Are there fees for using the pass?

The charging service offered by Chargemap is without any subscription or binding. We charge a reasonable commission on each charging session. By paying your charges with Chargemap, you support our service.

How much does a charge with the Chargemap Pass cost?

The price of the charges varies according to the different charge networks. You can find these prices directly on the Chargemap application or on the Chargemap website and application.

Is it possible to start a charge from the mobile application?

Not yet, but this is the next step on which our engineers are working ;-)

You are unable to find answers to your questions? Contact our customer service by clicking here and get an answer within 24 hours.

Order your Chargemap Pass

Receive your complete Chargemap pack for €19.90, all shipping fees included.

* Best rate average among the most downloaded competing charge applications in the Appstore and in the Play Store as of March 1, 2017.

** More than 100,000 members registered on March 15, 2017.